Business Automation – what we do:

We know all business processes by heart and automate them through our technology solutions. We have large experience in automating business processes, managing clients, quotes, purchase orders, work orders, invoices, and accounting, and all of these are performed using Microsoft Access VBA. Our solution-oriented approach enables us dealing with any challenge irrespective of the problem type/size. Currently, whatever project we work on, there is very small portion of project which may requires us to study further or challenges us on how to get the work done, because more than 95% of the work is of type which we have already done in the past.

We strongly believe that software solutions and services, even using Microsoft Access VBA, should be aimed at inventing complete solution not only for today but also for tomorrow so that people can live a steady e-environment around them. Otherwise software solution becomes an overhead and people keep on using manual processes along with automated, as new option is not complete/reliable.

We love businesses who want to stay managed through technology, and dream of having paperless office. Before starting any project, we accumulate knowledge to understand business, its people, their behavior, working environment, associated problems and reasons so that we can develop a functional and constructive solution using Microsoft Access VBA. We also apply thought towards defining business process in the shape of well-defined molecules and how they are interlinked. In totality, our intent is to formulate a complete, usable, smart, robust, flexible, scalable, configurable, customizable, integrated and secure software solution.

While programming in Microsoft Access VBA, we prefer to use scrum methodology so that time/money spending can be tracked at early stage and accordingly strategy can be tweaked. But we can work on any software development model of your preference. We have sound experience in software quality assurance techniques too.

Develops Software for Business Domains:

  • Civil Construction Works
  • Building Repair and Renting
  • Road, Bridges, and Irrigation Works
  • Earthworks and Stone Braking/Blasting
  • Woodwork and Steel Fabrication
  • Surveying and Estimation
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Workshops with CNC Machines
  • Fleet Maintenance and Management
  • Environmental and Pharma Labs
  • Brewery and Malting
  • Nursery, Forestry, and Agriculture
  • Eating Joints, and Spa Salons
  • Grocery Retail and Wholesale Stores
  • Clothing Trade and Import
  • Car Repair Workshops
  • Second Hand Car Import
  • Training Institutes
  • Healthcare Clinics and Hospitals
  • General/Health/Business/Car Insurance
  • Real Estate Investing and Renting

Software Engineers with Business Acumen:

We are skilled engineers and automating business processes is our passion. We have strong business acumen which helps us in understanding all kind of businesses quickly. For all our endeavors, it is our intent to generate maximum returns (via saving money/time and generating more quality/quantity) so that business & its people can realize their true potential.

We always give importance to transparent communication. We love to talk to all kind of people at all levels of the organization to collect information (large set of data) about the pain points and design a truly useful software system. If we come across any deviation in understanding of business rules among stake-holders, we prefer conducting conference call so that all disagreements can be sorted face to face.

We not only work on given task but keep eye over whole project and keep notifying organization about possible enhancements which can add value to the software system. Because of this nature, most of our clients are long lasting client having relationship lasting 5-10 years.

  • Managing Employees/Users/Roles, their qualifications/certifications, User/Workstation/System based Configurations.
  • Employee Salaries, Holidays, Employee Biometric Card Punching and Time-Sheets with Over-Time Hours and Salary Calculation.
  • Recording Materials, their specifications with available Certifications.
  • Products/Services, SOP for Manufacturing, their Drawings, and Material requirement.
  • Group Products/Services into Categories/Sub-Categories.
  • Defining Item SKU, Weight/Dimension, Price, and Item Shelf Age.
  • Generating/Printing of Barcode for each item, and scanning Barcode to record item movement.
  • Recording Item Location so as to make picking easier.
  • Adding Clients, their delivery locations, and Contact Persons.
  • Generating Quotation, and emailing them right from the system.
  • Generating Contracts, emailing Certifications.
  • Processing Purchase Orders from Clients, and creating Budgets.
  • Adding Raw Material, Adding Raw Material Suppliers, generating Local Purchase Orders based on Manufacturing needs.
  • Receiving Raw Materials, Issuing Raw Materials to Manufacturing Batch.
  • Creating Work Orders, Jobs, Assigning Employees/Machines as per workload, Issuing Raw Material to Jobs.
  • Resource Planning, Hiring/Deploying Machine.
  • Machine Fuel/Fluid Bulk Purchase/Issuance, and Mileage Calculation.
  • Scheduling Tasks, managing Workflows, recording outcomes and timesheets, and Quality Control Checks.
  • Interfacing with CNC Machines to post/retrieve data for automated tasks.
  • Prepare for Shipment, Printing Pick-lists for today, Printing Packaging Slips/Labels (Client Address etc for Deliveries).
  • Generating Invoices, and sending notifications to Clients about Shipment/Invoice etc.
  • Generate report on Stock in Hand/Available/Booked, Delivery Forecasting, and managing returns.
  • Notifying Workshop about the quantity to be manufactured so as to have proper stock in Hand to deal with Current/Future Orders.
  • Recording Produced Finished Goods/Services, Calculating the Costing for item/Service.
  • Comparing Cost versus Price, and dashboard for Sales-Rep/Product/Machine/Employee/Client Performance Analysis.
  • Pay Excise Duty, Sale Tax, Service Tax or GST, as applicable only, and Claim Taxes on exemptions paid etc.
  • Managing Heavy Machines by recording their Purchase, Machine Service & Maintenance Requirements, notifying the need of service at due date, and Forecasting Machine Purchase/Hire Needs.
  • Exporting Financial Transaction to Standard Book Keeping (Financial Accounting) Software like Quickbooks/PeachTree/MAS90/MSDynamics.
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