21+ Years of Application Development Experience with MS-Access & SQL Server

We have specialization over developing the mid-sized management information systems using various technologies and architectural models. We developed most Applications using MS-Access, VBA & SQL-Server for Automating Business Processes like Managing Employees & their Roles, Engineering Drawings, Fixed Assets, Materials, Costing, Clients, Contacts & Certifications, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Work Orders, Jobs, Invoices, Workflows, Packaging & Deliveries, Resource Planning, Employee Card Punching & Time-Sheets, Holidays, Workload Calculation & Delivery Forecasting, Sales-Rep/Product/Machine/Employee/Client Performance Analysis, Financial Accounting, User/Workstation/System based Configurations, interfacing with CNC Machines, Machine Service & Maintenance, Forecasting Machine Service Needs, Automating Machine workshops, Hiring/Deploying Machine, and Machine Fuel/Fluid Bulk Purchase/Issuance etc.

Expertise in designing interactive Reports, Forms, Labels with Professional Look and Feel. Thorough experience in developing and integration 3rd Party tools, DLLs, OCX, ActiveX Controls for various purposes like PDF Factory, CHado Text, DBPix, Create PDF, Scanner Setup, Map Point and ActiveExpert Toolkit etc. We have expertise in Google Map integration (Single point, Multiple points, adding tags etc).

Highly Strong in Designing Optimized Databases. We formulate a Complete, Usable, Smart, Robust, Flexible, Scalable, Configurable, Customizable, Integrated and Secure Software Solution.

We have developed hundreds of applications using MS-Access as frontend and SQL Server as backend. We have used ASP.Net for developing Web-Applications with a purpose to provide interface for external stake-holders like clients and vendors. Worked widely on converting Excel Spreadsheet in Access bases multi-user system and further migrating Access based database to SQL Server. We have developed projects of all sizes, using different technologies for various functional domains. We specialization over developing the mid-sized management information systems using various technologies and architectural models. Technologies framing our core competency are DotNet (C#, VB, and ASP.Net), MS Access VBA, and SQL Server 2005/2008.

We have expertise in Automating Importing/Exporting Date To/From Excel, CSV and various other File Formats including Unstructured File Formats. We have developed modules for Smart Tag Parsing and Publishing DOCs/PDFs on the Fly and also developed systems for saving/emailing them. We have developed many Document Management Systems which are not only full of Feature, but Smart too. We have automated Sending/Receiving of Emails With/Without Outlook. We have even automated Auto Handling of Bouncer Emails and handled Unsubscribes. We have published Calendar Events into Outlook. We have worked on Pushing/Retrieving Data To/From CNC Machines.

We can effectively handle all the stages of SDLC. We can help you in writing/refining your specs, analysing the current system and architect the proposed system. We can design well optimized database well considering all future aspects in consideration. We can write create quite attractive GUIs nicely handling the data flow with enhanced productivity. We have through knowledge on software testing and quality assurance, hence can develop robust and reliable software systems.

We have extensive experience in developing Client/Server architecture based applications using MS Access VBA as frontend and MS SQL Server as backend. We have explored the VBA to such an extent that we can proudly say that we can develop any kind of solution using MS Access VBA. Many people doubt about the capabilities of MS Access VBA and its suitability for large applications. We have used MS Access VBA to such an extent that we can claim that we can develop any kind/size solution in this technology. We have successfully developed many large sized enterprise level applications using this. We can be contacted to get any kind of advice on MS Access VBA. We have even worked on projects related to migration from MS Access VBA to Dotnet using CSharp.

Further, We have developed many applications over the technologically hybrid model. We have developed applications having web based frontend in ASP.Net, desktop based frontend in MS Access VBA, and backend in SQL Server. We have not only developed but also maintained and enhanced many such applications developed using MS Access VBA.

We also have extensive experience in developing web based enterprise level application using ASP.Net with CSharp. We have substantially used latest add-on tools and technologies provided by Visual Studio in our web application development projects. We also have used PHP for developing web-services, HTML/CSS for web-interface. We are well versed in using additional techniques which gears up the Web-Application Development, to name few, JavaScript, XML, Silver-Light, Flash, and AJAX. We have developed many web applications of varying sizes using Microsoft's legacy web-technologies like ASP, VBScript, and HTML. Along with this, we have also explored Java, EJB, JSP, and Oracle. We have a Java Certified professional and have secured 98% in SCJP Exam. We also have worked on platforms/servers like Weblogic, IIS, Tomcat, Oracle, and MySQL. We also have expertise in scripting for all legacy Mercury tools (now HP Software) i.e. Vugen, QTP and WinRunner for automating software testing.


We look forward for a long-term relationship, that is why we put emphasis on being consistent as well as flexible. We have extensive experience in executing MS-Access-VBA & SQL Server related jobs.

We are registered with the Director General of Foreign Trades, India which help us in earning recognition under software development services exports and helps us in getting service tax waiver for our clients.

Our intent is not on being the largest Firm, rather the best. We put client's requirements first and deliver the best suited solutions. we have capability to analyze the client's needs with business prospective so as to develop software which can cater the business needs better.