Application Development in all versions of MS-Access

MS Access 2016
MS Access 2013
MS Access 2010
MS Access 2007
MS Access 2003/XP/2000/97
Expert level command over VBA to design complex solutions
Works on Web Development using Sharepoint
Work on upgrading the application to newer version

Database Development

  • Database Development in MS Access (All Versions).
  • Database Development in SQL Server (All Versions).
  • Design Professional/Robust/Scalable Database.
  • Considers all kind of future needs.
  • Database Optimization/Normalization.
  • Choosing right Data Type and Field Size.
  • Using Widely Accepted Naming Conventions.
  • Data integrity via Relationships, and Triggers.
  • Expertize in T-SQL, and Query Designing
  • Encrypting and Securing Sensitive Information.
  • Database Programing Via Stored-Procedures and Custom Functions.
  • Scheduling Automated Backup, and Achieving/Retrieving Older Records.

  • Adopt professional approach for Creating/Managing database user/roles/permissions
  • Develop interface in MS-Access to create/manage users/roles/permissions automatically.
  • Develop interface in MS-Access to automatically check permissions, and link tables.
  • Develop interface in MS-Access to access databases available in SQL Server.
  • Works on upsizing the database from MS-Access to SQL Server
  • Works on upsizing the database from older version to newer version.
  • Safe/Stable Server Migration. Automate the SQL Server user/role migration

Upgrading Access Application

Converting MDB into ACCDB.
Making MDB Compatible with new versions of Access (2007/2010/2013/2016).
Database Upsizing (Converting database from MS-Access to SQL Server).
MS Access Database/Application Migration (From old version to newer version).
SQL Server Database Migration (From old version to newer version).
SQL Server Migration (to newer machine).

Creating Forms in MS Access

Creating Login Form, Dashboard, Notifications, and Complex Data-Entry Forms. Creating Unbound Forms using ADO (Disconnected Approach), Suitable when database available on WAN Network (internet connection). Dynamic formatting of records like mark odd records with Red-Color Standard Add/Edit/Delete Buttons respecting user permissions. Data Searching/Filtering for easy identification of records. Professional Data Validation, Error Trapping and Tracing. Widely Accepted Naming Conventions, Code Commenting. Showing/Hiding/Ordering/Coloring of controls. Adding Graphs, Calendar Controls, Pictures etc. Integration with Web-Browser and Google Maps etc. Attaching Documents, Printing PDFs/Excel, Word-Docs, Auto generating Email/SMS body texts with contextual data. Use Scalable/Robust Architecture, Modular Approach, Optimized Code. Creating Bound Forms using DAO needing Persistent Connection, suitable when database available on LAN Network.

Creating Reports in MS Access

Creating Multi-Level Data Reports (Drill Down Approach) Dynamic formatting of records like mark red odd records Adding Signatures at Footer and Page Numbering Barcode generating, printing, and Scanning. Creating Reports for Label Printing. Adding Water Marks on the reports. Creating Multi-Column Reports. Accessing Printers on Network. Outputting multiple copies to a Printer. Storing/invoking reports in multiple DBs Setting Default/Specific Printer for Report Outputs. Designing dynamic queries for Crystal Reports and invoking them. Defining filter variables to generate report as per desired data range. Adding code for various checks at report level like "No data available".

Import/Export of Data.

Export filtered data to various formats like Excel/CSV/MDB/DB-4/Plain-Text.
Import data from various formats like Excel/CSV/MDB/Plain-Text.
Importing non-formatted data through intelligent approaches.
Exporting report objects in MS-Excel and MS-Word.
Exporting data into well formatted excel files.
Exporting data into well formatted word-doc and PDF files via smart-tag parsing.
Automatically Crawl Websites and search for desired data.
Auto Extracting Contacts from Internet via Crawler for Marketing Purpose.

File Management (Attaching/Printing/Scanning)

Manage/Attach/Access files right from Application.
Dynamic Scanning of Documents/Drawings.
MS-Access Attach File
Adding Features like Zooming/Rotation while Scanning.
Adding Support for Duplex Scanner.
Attach a file to the Record-ID (like Client/Supplier).
On Attach, copy files to central location
Just link files i.e. don't move to central location.
Quick Printing of bunch of files.
Barcode Scanning and Printing.
Capturing Web-Camera Output.
Find orphan file-links and remove them or link them back.

Creating PDFs

Auto Generating PDF Reports(in recent versions)
Integrating PDF Factory Pro in MS-Access 2000/2003 etc.
Integrating PDF Creator Plus in MS-Access 2000/2003 etc.
Merging Multiple PDF Reports into one Consolidated Report.
Emailing of PDF Reports right from Application.
Protecting and Stamping of PDF Reports.
Page Numbering of PDF Reports.

Sending/Receiving Emails

Automatically send emails through application
Auto generate email-body text with contextual data
Send email through Outlook or Direct-SMTP/IMAP.
Bypassing Outlook Security warning message.
Display/Hide Outlook window for sending email.
Reading/Moving/Storing Outlook Emails.
Reading/Managing Outlook Contacts.
Reading inbox using POP3 protocol (Without using Outlook).
Deleting emails in inbox (With/Without using Outlook).
Marking emails as read/unread (With/Without using Outlook).
Freedom to create/store message templates and use them later (Text/HTML Formats).
Maintenance of Smart Tags. Parsing of tags on sending SMS.
Freedom to set tags at each message template.

Sending/Receiving SMS and MMS.

Send/Receive SMS/MMS using GSM Modem (in Phone/Dongle).
Auto detecting GSM Modem attached to Computer
Reading GSM Modem Port, Signal, Battery, and 1Codes.
Checking of GSM-SIM Account-Balance using USSD Codes.
Using AT-Commands for sending SMS.
Using Active-Expert Toolkit for sending MMS.
Send SMS through SMS-Gateway (HTTP/FTP).
Secured storage of Gateway User Information.
Auto insertion of Gateway User Information on sending SMS.
Freedom to create/store message templates and use them later.
Maintenance of Smart Tags. Parsing of tags on sending SMS.
Freedom to set tags at each message templates.
Interfacing with alerts sent by IP-Camera.

MS Access for Managers.

Reminder System for wishing on Birthdays/Anniversaries.
Automatic Sending of SMSs for various Alerts/Reminders.
Automated System-Alert for important tasks.
Developing Dashboards representing various KPIs.
Manager Control in Ms Access
Developing Reports representing various KPIs.
Scheduled Emailing for various KPIs.
Adding Graphs, Calendar Controls, etc.
Scheduling of Calendars/Holidays.

MS Access for Programmers/Administrators

Archive and Retrieve Old Data.
Creating Users, and reset their Password.
User Management right from the application.
Easy Assignment/Copying of Roles/Permissions.
Define/Enable/Disable Change-Logs.
Take database backups from application and schedule them.
Developing Systems Settings to make system behave as per your choice.
Develop Customizable system. You utilize your programming skills to twist the system.