Skilled CSharp Developers

We have more than 7 years of experience in software development using CSharp. We use this technology for both Desktop and Web Interface based application development. We have already developed many 3-tier architecture based application using CSharp. As dotnet got upgraded with passages of time, we kept ourselves updated about new introductions to DotNet.

So we have capability to work on any version of DotNet, latest to oldest. We not only use Visual Studio as a tool for rapid application development but use the principles and features of CSharp in true sense. We have also gained tremendous experience in different types of miscellaneous projects offered by Visual Studio like Office based Projects, SQL Server Projects etc. The way we acquired CSharp for our projects, we can say with pride that we know all ins and outs of the technology. We effectively use the obfuscation techniques for securing the intellectual property rights, which otherwise in general a threat because of belonging of Intermediate Language to open standard.

Rich Database Application Development Using C#

Before starting using C# for developing Rich Database applications, we always felt comfortable with MS Access VBA to develop such applications. But when we started using CSharp for this, we found many features of CSharp quite useful. Though many people question the rapid application development using CSharp as compared MS Access VBA, but we have attained such perfection in this technology that we can develop rich database application using CSharp at equal pace. We further have explored the features like creation of SQL Server database project using Visual Studio and found this feature quite useful in database programing and database encryption. Using this type of project, we can fine tune the performance to great level. These types of project also help in centralizing the common code along with more control on action queries.

Web Development Services Using C#

Before starting using C# for web development, in our opinion, web development was a difficult task especially for enterprise level applications. As the interface provided by contemporary web technologies was not comparable with the desktop application experience. But C# has made it possible by introducing rich web user controls. We are so comfortable with web-application development that we always suggest to choose web-solution over the desktop. All thanks to C# for making everything possible under web. We have extensive experience in developing enterprise level web application development. We develop fine-tuned web application while making zero compromise with their look.

We have used CSharp in our projects having CSharp alone as frontend/middleware technology. We have used it in hybrid environment too where web interface is developed using CSharp and Desktop interface is developed using MS Access VBA. We really enjoy and appreciate web development using C#.

Csharp Projects Undertaken

Projects undertaken by us are as mentioned below,

  • Enterprise level MIS (Product) for the government departments taking care of all activities related to File Management. It has both web and desktop interfaces developed both using CSharp. The mobile interface is under development.

  • An Accounting system for book keeping purposes (Product). It does all kind of accounting activities and generates different kind of business report along with the general financial reports. It is a desktop based application.

  • An IP-Camera based security system. It has both web interface and desktop interface. Web interface is developed using CSharp whereas desktop interface is developed using MS access VBA.

  • A directory listing of all the VIPs of the state. It is a web application developed to record the kind of information about the state VIPs like their name, father’s name, contact address, positions hold, tenure of the position and the organization in which the VIP held the position. It has listing of VIPs like Member of Legislative Assembly, Members and Chairmen of the Municipal Corporations, Councils & Committees, and has listing of Members of Zila Parishad, Block Samiti and Gram Panchayat.