Customized ERP Development

It is not just the know-how of software technology to get best ERP Systems developed but also needs an insight over how business works to get a proper ERP Software System developed which has clear capabilities to address all business issues properly. ERP Makers have worked with more than 400+ businesses all across the world belonging to different industries/sectors and have understood their common factors and their uniqueness so that they get best software solution…. With us you get a tailor-made solution specific to your business which speaks your business’s language.

Successful businesses always have some unique factors which give them edge over their competitors. Same uniqueness you expect to dealt properly via your ERP software (which is usually not possible with standard/locked-down solutions). Here we play the role and let your software address all your unique needs. All our endeavors revolve around fulfilment of your single desire i.e. “Customized ERP for My own Industry”.

Here is a list of industries/sectors for which we have developed Customized ERP Systems.

Functional Domain Expertize.

Civil Construction, Building, Real Estate and Land Scape.
Commercial/Residential/Agricultural Property Management.
Renting Inventory Tracking, and Contracts for Renting.
Home Renting, Event Management, General Renting.
Wood-Work, Steel Fabrication, and Other Workshops Management.
Engineering, Instrumentation, Research, Surveys, and Analysis
Mechanical Engineering, and Production Business Management.
Precise Manufacturing for Aeronautical Engineering Workshops.
Surface Transportation, and Fleet Maintenance.
Chemical and Environmental Engineering/Control.
Stock Sale/Manufacturing, Purchase and Marketing.
Assets Purchase, Repairs, and Maintenance
Warehouse and its Inventory Management.
Financial and Management Accounting.
Book Keeping, Bridging Accounting Systems
General Banking, Insurance and Foreign Exchange.
After Sales Deployment, Service and Support.
Church, Prayer and Religious Event Management.
Employee Hiring, Human Resource, and Administration.
Wild Life, Forests and their production/preservation.
Training, Institute, Student, Trainer, and Course Management.
Security Systems, Automated etection/Alarms/Notifications.
Medical Diagnostics, Patients Management, and Prescriptions.
Monitoring Patient Progress, Statistics & Outcomes.
Hospital, General/Veterinary Clinic, Rehabilitation Center Management.

Business & Money Matters Expertize

Understand how to boost sales, and revenues.
Understand People, their behaviors, and needs
Understand Business, its terms, goals and objectives.
Understands Clients, their works, and purchase orders.
Understand Employees, Users, their roles, and permissions.
Understand Business Process, Operations, and its environment.
Understand Money Matters, Quotes, Purchase Orders, and Invoices.
Understand Accounting, Financial Performance, Return on Investment.
Understand Supplier/Vendors, and their products/catalogs and purchases.
Understand Inventory/Stock management, know when to create purchase orders and optimize inventory.
Understand how to best utilize inventory/assets/material in manufacturing/service.
Understand the right architecture of software as per the business need.