Software Development for all your critical needs

Planned Software Development

In consonance with our constant endeavor towards Superior Customer Service through our proven credentials to provide a full service offering, we stress on the cooperation of System Requirements, Analysis and System Design for a successful agreement between the user and us.

By and large, Application Development is accomplished in incremental steps. Thus the very nature of Application Development facilitates an application to be developed in increments, thereby, providing the impetus for an optimal combination of Onsite and Offsite development environments. Thus higher ROI is assured with lower TCO by virtue of a 24hour (Virtual) development schedule.

We expedites the Application Development Life Cycle in a structured and Methodical and Modular manner. While the three sub models, Quality Assurance, Project Management and Configuration Management describe the acFirming activities in a development project, the development itself is realized in a modular manner and involves.

System Requirements
System Design Software and Hardware Requirements
Preliminary Software Design
Detailed Software Design
Software Implementation
Software Integration
Systems Integration
Transition and Utilization

We have developed a successful Plan-Do-Act-Analyze model of delivery and create POC and Pilots before transitioning the production and scaling it. This avoids any surprises and cultural shocks while optimizing the processes and content.

Software Development Capabilities

Technologies framing our core competency are DotNet (C#, VB, ASP.Net), MS Access VBA and SQL Server. We have developed n-tier architecture based applications using these technologies for Web as well as Desktop interface. We have substantially used latest add-on technologies in our web application development projects, to name few, JavaScript, XML, Silver-Light, Flash, and AJAX. We also have developed many websites of varying sizes using Microsoft's legacy web-technologies like ASP, VBScript, and HTML. We have extensive experience in developing Client/Server architecture based applications with desktop based interface using MS Access VBA, Visual Basic, and MS SQL Server. Along with this, we have explored Java, EJB, JSP, and Oracle. We also have worked on platforms/servers like Weblogic, IIS, Tomcat, Oracle, and MySQL.

We have a contained Infrastructure Support and facilities management group which complements the Software Development group in managing the associated IT, Network and Security Infrastructure thereby provisioning a management solution to client. IT infrastructure and facilities management includes preventive, corrective and ongoing monitoring and management of Hardware and Software associated with Data Centers, Networks and IT Access devices.