Your Offshore Office for Information Technology Solutions

We love businesses who want to stay managed through technology, and dream of having paperless office.

We develop ERP systems to automate all office tasks so that user has all tools at one place like Emailing/Fax/SMS, Multilevel detailed PDF Report generation/emailing, Saving/Scanning Documents, Smart-Tag based Data Parsing, Importing/Exporting Data to various formats, dealing with non-formatted text, Backup/Archive/Restore, scanning Signatures using Signature Pad, Bar-code Label Generation/Printing/Scanning, and Custom Reports.

Being a professional Microsoft Access VBA Database Application Developer, We have extensive experience on developing/incorporating whole set of features required to automate any business in MS-Access based application, which can escalate user experience as well as business growth.

Most of the applications developed by us using MS-Access are management information systems. These MIS are complete in nature and have made the office a true paperless office in reality. We have developed many standard modules like client management, file management, configuration management, complete reporting system, PDF file generation, document scanning, label printing, bar code reader, automated faxing, financial management, data export/import to Excel/Doc/XML etc. We can say with pride that we can work on any project of any size and for any industry. Our team not only have technological skill but also have business sense so as to develop solutions which hit the bull's-eye.

Whatever a need may arise for business automation, We have prebuilt solution to offer, and that too with successful outcome. We have an experience of more than 21+ years and have implemented each kind of feature a business may require for around 100 times as we have developed around 400 projects using MS-Access so far. Because of our expertise, We not only develop Access application with confidence, but also develop the features quickly and implement them smoothly into the production environment. Beyond the development, most projects/clients need support/consultancy on what will suit best for them; We are always here to guide, because we have experienced all such needs.