Developing a true paperless office

It has been felt worldwide that software solutions and services should be aimed at inventing complete solution not only for today but also for tomorrow so that people can live a steady e-environment around them. Otherwise software solution becomes an overhead and people keep on using manual processes along with automated, as new option is not complete/reliable. So we believe in developing a true paperless office by seamlessly integrating business processes, through inventing smart software solutions, using most suited technologies. During requirement analysis, we accumulate knowledge to understand business, its people, their behavior, working environment, associated problems and reasons so that we can develop a functional and constructive solution. We also apply thought towards defining business process in the shape of well-defined molecules and how they are interlinked. In totality our intent is to formulate a complete, usable, smart, robust, flexible, scalable, configurable, customizable, integrated and secure software solution.

Work Diligently

Through our initiatives and services, we either make or save money for our customers while eliminating pain points and headaches. Most of our service delivery and people processes are derived out of industry’s best practices and we continually make enhancements based upon customer experiences and learning’s on the ground. “Change is constant” and “technology is ever evolving”, however desire of keeping abreast with the latest technologies and practices enabling us to deliver the right services and solutions. Technically, we carry an ability to adapt any technology and thus choose most suiting technology for the project.

Deliver on-time every time

We have understood that time/resource management is a critical aspect of any project to make it a success. So we have developed the working methodologies in such a way that we should be able to achieve utmost accuracy as well as precision. Practically we follow the following practices.

1. Working under constraints is the toughest job and is needed frequently. Constraint may be of Schedule, Budget, Technology or Resource but we have expertise to work on projects that are facing such crises. We follow best possible practical strategy keeping into consideration the constraints. We believe that vision and attitude are the major driving forces, which can make any thing possible. We have developed an inhouse technological model which speeds up the project to an unmatchable speed and also reduces down the cost, which is something we discuss after getting a request for quote from the client side as we first try to understand client needs.

2. Our offshore software team aims to fill the resource gaps without affecting client’s budget or projected deadlines. Our offshore software team follows a Process Oriented Approach (POA) that strategically addresses all aspects of SDLC/STLC by extending current technology and business in a cost effective paradigm. By outsourcing software process, our client is free to concentrate on its core business competencies.

3. We have developed a successful Plan-Do-Act-Analyze model of delivery and create POC and Pilots before transitioning the application to the production and scaling it. This avoids any kind of surprises and shocks while architecting, developing and optimizing the processes and content. This helps in streamlining the project development life cycle and minimizes any kind of risk.     

4. Though we put emphasis on offshore team to make project cost effective but sometimes, onshore team is also required to understand the project requirements, define the scope, and control quality throughout the project lifecycle. We can deploy a dedicated onshore team that can work hand in hand with client’s staff to achieve the targets.

We are well versed with ISO and CMM standards and follow the guidelines issued by them. Our firm is ISO 9001-2008 Certified.