Sending SMS, MMS, Making Calls and Controlling IP-Camera

Being a professional Microsoft Access VBA Database Application Developer, we have extensive experience on developing/incorporating many add-on features in any MS-Access based application, which can escalate your experience as well as business growth, and sending SMS, sending MMS, making calls, and controlling IP-Camera are few of them. Adoption of recent tools and technologies help businesses to keep pace with the ever changing/growing market demands, hence we are here to help you out.

Sending SMS from Access Application

Many businesses has started demanding feature for Sending SMS to be incorporated right into their Access Application, because it holds all contact related information like customer contacts, supplier contacts and employee contacts so as to have better communication with internal as well as external world. We have pre-developed API through which we can draft as well as send SMS to the destined audience right through your access application, instead of pushing the contacts into excel and then send SMS. Whenever we talk about the pre-developed APIs, they are not just prep-developed, or embedded into Access applications, but is also well tested and experienced by thousands of businesses across the word.

We use AT-Commands to send SMS through the GSM Modems embedded into your phone or dongle. Our API can auto detect the modems attached to your system and can also extract miscellaneous properties belonging to a dongle like Battery Strength, Signal Strength, Operator, Operator Code etc. We can also send SMS using gateway, as usage of gateway is the fastest and most reliable way of sending SMS.

Sending MMS from Access Application

We have developed many applications having feature for sending MMS using MS-Access. For sending MMS, we do not have our own API but use 3rd party API. We have tested many API but best one found is from Client has to buy one as per their need.

Developing Access Application for making Calls

Most businesses especially support desks want application for making calls to customers and suppliers right from your own software where whole contact information is stored. We develop Applications for making Calls, so that you can handle volume of calls easily. It not only improve your efficiency, but also improve your accuracy as there is no chance of any error like miss-typing of number leading to any kind of embracement.

Developing Access Application for making Calls is something we do on regular bases and have complete expertize in this domain. For this purpose, We have our own API which is well tested and appreciated by many businesses.

Sending alerts based on inputs from IP Camera

We have developed projects in this context also which can read the emails (along with video/picture attachments) and send alerts accordingly.

Parsing tags in pre-created templates

Whenever a software has ability to send SMS, Email, MMS etc, it is surely a good idea to have pre-created templates having smart tags which can be parsed on the fly before sending them like embedding client/supplier information automatically. We have expertise in developing this feature.

Apart from parsing tags in pre-created templates, we can also parse tags in pre-created templates in the form of Microsoft Word Document or Excel file so that better formatted/styles files can be published and sent on the fly.

Many business waste 1000s of USDs on development of access applications having facility to make calls or send SMS etc. and accomplish nothing because project is handled by their own novice technologist. So instead of trying Developing Access Application yourself, contact us to have sure shot results.