Extreme Programming using Microsoft Access VBA

Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server in combination are extensively serving small businesses since 1997 in getting their business processes automated and staying ahead in this competitive world. In the same timeline, we are offering our software/database development services since 1998. We have exposure to all the flavors of MS Access (Access97 to the latest one).

What makes Microsoft Access the king of small business applications is its legendary power of customization. One can use any database product to create a list of customer orders, but Microsoft Access is the only database that offers you the facility to easily build a fully featured user interface (Form/Page/Report) in a matter of few clicks or few seconds. Microsoft Access can extend its capability by connecting with all possible data sources.

There is hardly any business that does not use Microsoft Access (along with MS Word/MS Excel/Outlook). What makes us the most in-demand talent for office automation is our ability to use the best-offered features of Microsoft Access & Microsoft SQL Server and stitch them nicely with MS Word/MS Excel/MS Outlook to fully automate all kinds of business processes, ultimately leading to the building of a smarter software solution.

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  • MS-Access-VBA, Macros & SQL-Server belongs to our core capabilities.
  • Using MS Access & SQL Server as development platform since 1998.
  • Exposure to all the flavors of MS Access (Access 97 to Access 2019) & SQL Server (7 to 19).
  • Strong hold on C#, ASP.Net, HTML5, CSS, PHP, and Rest-API.
  • Expertise in designing interactive Reports, Forms, and Labels with Professional Look and Feel.
  • Proficiency in Sending/Reading emails via Outlook as well as without Outlook.
  • Proficient in importing/exporting data to/from Excel with all data checks.
  • Proficiency in auto-creating Word Documents/Letters/Emails via dynamic parsing of Smart-Tags.
  • Expertise in Google Maps integration (Single point, Multiple points, adding tags, etc).
  • Thorough experience in developing and integrating third-party tools, DLLs, OCX, and ActiveX Controls for various purposes like PDF Factory, CHado Text, DBPix, Create PDF, Scanner Setup, Map Point, and ActiveExpert Toolkit, etc.
  • We use ASP.Net for developing Web-Applications with the purpose to provide an interface for external stakeholders like clients and vendors.
  • Develop smart Document Management Systems.
  • Strong hold on Book Keeping, Accounting, and generating business KPIs.
  • Sound exposure to almost all kinds of business domains (Manufacturing, Trading, and Service Sector). Served almost 400+ business types.
  • Developed 1000+ small/big solutions using MS Access as front-end having MS SQL Server as well as MS-Access as backend.
  • Extensive experience in the development of multi-user-based applications using SQL-Server as the backend.
  • Strong exposure to the development of hybrid applications using MySQL, VB.Net, ASP.Net, PHP, VB-Script, and Java-Script.
  • Developed 100+ MS Access-based applications to run on mobile (Microsoft Surface Pro).
  • Developed 100+ applications having MySQL as the backend in Cloud Hosting, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.
  • Worked widely on converting Excel Spreadsheet in Access bases multi-user system.
  • Upgrade the older version of an MS Access-based application to work over a newer version of MS Access or can even move the application to .Net Framework if desired. Upgraded 250+ applications from an older version of MS Access to the latest version of MS Access.
  • Our solution-oriented approach enables us to deal with any challenge irrespective of the problem type/size.
  • We formulate Complete, Usable, Smart, Robust, Flexible, Scalable, Configurable, Customizable, Integrated, and Secure Software Solutions.
  • Currently, whatever project we work on, there is a very small portion of the project which may require me to study further or challenge us on how to get the work done because more than 95% of the work is of a type that we have already done in the past.

Quality Database Development using Microsoft Access VBA and SQL Server

Server-based databases like Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, and Oracle are much more complex to set up and maintain but they provide enhanced performance and rock-solid stability, even when thousands of people use them at once. Whereas Microsoft Access is a client-side database that offers lesser capability but a higher level of simplicity and ease of use. We provide the best of both worlds based on project size/requirements.

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  • Highly optimized Database Development in MS Access (All Versions).
  • Best Database Design in SQL Server (All Versions) considering all future aspects.
  • Expertise in T-SQL, and Query Designing. Creating Relationships, Triggers, Stored-Procedures, and Functions.
  • Encrypting and Securing Database using top-class strategies.
  • Choosing the right Data Type and Field Size for better performance and scalability.
  • Widely Accepted Naming Conventions for failproof cross-platform development.
  • Automated Scheduled Backup and Achieving of Database.
  • Creating/Managing database user/roles/permissions manually/automatically.
  • Develop an interface in MS Access to automatically link tables, create/manage users/roles/permissions, and check permissions.
  • Programmatically accessing SQL Servers available on the network.
  • Fail-proof migration of database across servers. Automatic SQL Server user/role migration.
  • Upsizing the database from MS Access to SQL Server and older version to newer version.
  • Making MDB/MDE Compatible with new versions of Access (2010+). Converting MDB/MDE into ACCDB/ACCDE format.
  • Making MDB/MDE Compatible with new versions of Access (2010+). Converting MDB/MDE into ACCDB/ACCDE format.
  • New ACCDB does not support some of the older functionalities as available in MDB Format. Such prominent features are calendar control and MDW Files (Inbuilt Security of MS Access). We have developed alternative routes to handle these issues.
  • After converting an MDB application into a newer version i.e. ACCDB format, forms having sub-forms sometimes crash. We have developed ways to fix such issues professionally.
  • Expertise in working on ADP file Format (Access Data Project) which directly connects to the SQL Server.
  • Expertise in converting ADP file Format (Access Data Project) into ACCDB/ACCDE file format.
  • Expertise in using MySQL (local as well as in the cloud) as a database. Since MS Access’s natural affinity is with MS SQL Server (not MySQL), we suggest using MS SQL Server over MySQL.
  • Provides data mining and data analysis services.

Regarding the right database selection criteria, it depends on the complexity of the business and the number of users of the projected application. We can use MS Access for simpler/smaller applications whereas the need for using SQL Server to handle complex and large-sized systems will arise later. If you are projecting to put the database in the cloud so that you can access the application remotely (from any location), then your choices are Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.

Some people doubt the capabilities of Microsoft Access VBA and its suitability for large applications. It’s not a reality but a myth because of their insufficient exposure to the technology. We have used Microsoft Access VBA to such an extent that we can claim that we can develop a solution of any kind/size with this technology. We have successfully developed many large-sized enterprise-level applications using this (500+ Forms, 500+ Reports, 100+ Users, and 20+ GBs database). We can be contacted to get any kind of advice on Microsoft Access VBA.

Pleasing GUI/Forms in Microsoft Access VBA

A Pleasing GUI is everybody's dream. We have tried several GUIs considering them to be pleasing as well as productive and have come up with three top-rated GUIs preferred by most customers. We try to present the whole key information on a single screen so that it is easy for decision-making and data entry. We make sure that information should be accessible with the least number of clicks.

We have developed many screens/ways to quickly search the desired records or filter the data based on some given parameters like date range, transaction status, entity active/inactive, amount range, etc. The purpose of such a quick search/filter is to provide desired data (belonging to one category) and show them together on one screen so that further action can be performed on such data such as printing reports or updating status etc.

Microsoft Access VBA Experts
  • For every screen we develop, we apply operation research techniques so as to have higher productivity.
  • We have developed applications where GUI can be altered on the fly as per user preferences.
  • Expertise in Creating Login Forms, Dashboards, Notifications, and Complex Data-Entry Forms.
  • Creating Unbound Forms using ADO (Disconnected Approach), Suitable when database available on WAN Network (internet connection).
  • Creating Bound Forms using DAO needing Persistent Connection, suitable when database available on LAN Network.
  • Dynamic formatting of records like marking odd records with Red-Color Standard Add/Edit/Delete Buttons respecting user permissions.
  • Data Searching/Filtering for easy identification of records.
  • Professional Data Validation, Error Trapping, and Tracing. Widely Accepted Naming Conventions and Code Commenting.
  • Showing/Hiding/Ordering/Coloring of controls based on user configuration/permissions.
  • Master in adding Graphs, Calendar Controls, and Pictures on the screen for a better view of the data.
  • Integration with Web-Browser and Google Maps to view maps right inside the screen for geo-locations bases analysis.
  • Use Scalable/Robust Architecture. Follow Modular Approach to get well Optimized Code.
Microsoft Access VBA Experts

Data Presentation and Reports Designing in Microsoft Access VBA

Reports are the end products with which businesses interact with their customers on data today bases. If reports are well designed and present data properly they help in building a business's professional image in the external world. Report designing is something we take as a challenge and try our best to create eye-catching reports.

Great experience in data processing to extract KPIs (extracting knowledge out of data) and show the same in the form of graphs (PI Chart, Bar Chart, Line Diagram, etc). We also have great experience in designing intuitive reports having loads of data (including header/footer sections), exporting such reports to PDFs, and emailing the same.

Microsoft Access VBA Experts
  • Skilled in identifying and extracting KPIs out of data so that data can be transformed into insights.
  • Skilled in presenting KPIs and Data on reports/forms in the form of structured data or in the form of graphs. We can design various kinds of graphs like Pie Charts, Line Graphs, Bar Charts, etc.
  • Ability to keep data always ready in various structures as required by various data analysis platforms. Population of data into a data warehouse is done by adding additional code in the SQL-Database-Triggers.
  • Expertise in data filtering so that data can be filtered/analyzed based on various parameters like date range, business section, product line, customer type, and geographic region.
  • Dynamic formatting of records like marking the odd records red/bold/italic.
  • Dynamically adding employee/owner Signatures at the Footer of the report. Expertise in Integration of the Signature tab.
  • Dynamically adding Page Numbering at the Footer of a report. Proper page numbering while merging multiple reports.
  • Barcode integration. Does Barcode generation, printing on reports/stickers, and Scanning.
  • Label/Sticker Printing deriving dynamic data from the database.
  • Adding Watermarks on the reports. Printing reports for letterheads.
  • Creating Multi-Column Reports to render lists in a lesser number of pages.
  • Automatically accessing Printers available on computer (Local/Network Printer). Setting Default/Specific Printer for Report Outputs.
  • Outputting multiple copies (as desired) to a Printer.
  • Master in adding Graphs, Calendar Controls, and Pictures on the screen for a better view of the data.
  • Integration with Web-Browser and Google Maps to view maps right inside the screen for geo-locations bases analysis.
  • Generation of PDF reports on the fly. PDF page numbering. Merging of multiple PDFs.
  • Generates well-formatted (color-coded) Excel and Word Docs. Exporting report objects in MS Excel and MS Word.
  • Designing dynamic queries for Crystal Reports and invoking them.
  • Defining filter variables to generate reports as per desired data range.
  • Adding code for various checks at the report level like "No data available".
  • We have worked on many projects where the report format is very specific and needs to be set in MS Word or the report content/format changes frequently. For such cases, we consume MS Word Templates for reporting purposes. Such templates have all the static content written/formatted properly. Such a template also has Smart-Tags, which get parsed with dynamic content as pushed by the MS Access application. This way, the exact desired format in the output report can be accomplished.
    • When MS Word templates are used, formatting/static-content can be altered by the end user as/when desired. Users can keep multiple Word-Templates as suitable to different sections of the business and the Access Application can automatically list all the templates as stored in a designated folder and work on the selected template.
    • In all such projects, we have also added the functionality to convert the output file to PDF as desired and link the output file to the selected record so that PDFs sent to clients/vendors can be referred to easily right from the software. We have also designed the facility to automatically send all such PDF/Word files through email. Email body/subject content also gets produced automatically while parsing the smart-tags with information relevant to the selected record (client/vendor etc).

Connecting Microsoft Access VBA application with Online Database (On Hosting Server)

A large number of companies have started demanding the need of putting databases online. We have attained expertise in accomplishing this task through all kinds of possible methods available in the market. We can work on any kind of architecture available in the market and deliver you the results.

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Methods available and their comparison:

The right method for putting a database online while developing frontend in MS Access is today’s most discussed issue in the MS Access world. The right strategy can bring you success in the long term whereas a wrong decision can cost you money/time/resources and a setback. Here are the possible ways available with their merits and demerits.

  • Hosting Database Online (SQL Server) which gets connected by Access Application (running locally) over WAN (non-persistent ADO connection).
    • Merit: An Application can be developed to any extent/functionality. Even third-party components and hardware interfacing can be performed easily. Businesses need not pay for Windows Terminal Server CALs, power backup, and server support, whereas they just need to get a SQL Server Hosting plan. Many cheap SQL Server hosting solutions are available like http://www.sqlservermart.com/Shared.aspx and http://www.hostdepartment.com/databases/mssql-hosting/. In totality, it is a cheaper solution in the long term.
    • Demerit: Development time is comparatively high in the short term (but saving a lot in the long term).
  • Hosting Database as well as the Application into Amazon Web Services (Windows Machine provided by AWS).
    • Merit: There is no need to make changes in the application to make it online. The application can be hosted as it is into AWS Windows Machine. AWS is a paid service but charges are nominal. You need to pay as you go. So, no monthly fixed plan/commitment.
    • Demerit: You need to buy windows user licenses as in the case of hosting the application on a terminal server.
  • Hosting Database/Application over LAN and connecting the windows server through Terminal Services:
    • Merit: SQL Server and MS Access both can be used as a database solution and applications can be developed to any extent/functionality. Even third-party components and hardware interfacing can be performed easily. It requires low software development time. The business has complete control over the database and application as the database is hosted internally. A variety of tasks can be performed when the database is hosted internally.
    • Demerit: Windows Terminal Server CAL (Client Access License) is not cheap. You need to pay for each user. A strong server setup is required which can host the database as well as user sessions for running the applications. Businesses need to pay for internet, power backup, and server support.
  • Hosting SQL Server database online but connecting to the server over plain DAO Connection (Using conventional Bound Forms in MS Access frontend). Hosting Database/Application over LAN and connecting the windows server through Terminal Services:
    • Merit: This method provides the easiest and cheapest method for migrating Access Backend to SQL Backend.
    • Demerit: DAO is purely meant to be implemented over LAN where persistent connection can be guaranteed. Connecting SQL Server online over plain DAO Connection provides pathetic application performance. This can be implemented when users work only on a quite smaller set of data.
  • Developing Web Application in MS Access and hosting that into Sharepoint:
    • Merit: This method works great when you are looking for a reliable/secure database solution. Distribution of the frontend is easy and Sharepoint provides an additional SQL Server (Express Addition) for storing/managing data internally.
    • Demerit: The API functions available are quite limited, hence limiting the functionality of the application. If you are looking for a full-fledged application, this is not going to work. Additionally, Sharepoint hosting is costlier so a costly solution in the long term. It keeps one SQL Server (Express) database in the background and performs all transactions through this. This added layer to the process which ultimately slows down the application performance.
  • Hosting database in Dropbox/Google Drive:
    • Merit: It is a quite cheap solution as a lot of space is provided by the service provider for free.
    • Demerit: This solution works in the case when users in one location (connected over LAN) work on a time frame whereas another set of users (connected over a different LAN) work on another time frame. Since data-synching is not quite fast, data clashes will occur if users on different LANs (connected over WAN) work together. The database can only be MS Access (not SQL Server).
  • Hosting database in online database solutions providing readymade interface:
    • Merit: Online applications are available which can quickly/automatically provide a user interface for a database where data can be entered/altered/deleted.
    • Demerit: Such a solution may look readymade/quick but does not work for enterprises in a real way. Business rules cannot be implemented properly - sometimes impossible to apply the rules and sometimes you need to hire support personnel from the website to get the rule implemented which costs exorbitantly high.

What does it take to move Microsoft Access Database to SQL Server in the Cloud?

When we talk about moving an Access database to the cloud, we need to use SQL Server as the backend which must be hosted in the cloud. This modification process needs two-way modifications to the application.

  • The first type of modification is related to converting the backend to SQL Server.
    • Modify frontend application in such a way that it can connect to SQL Server.
    • Modify queries as per SQL Server syntax.
    • Since SQL Server provides better performance as compared to MS Access Database, we should extract the SQL performance. To utilize SQL Performance, we must run queries at SQL Server level (not at MS Access level through link tables) via converting queries to Pass Through Queries.
    • We can get the help of Stored Procedures and Triggers to have proper data integrity and uniform business rules. For this, we can transport some of the code to SQL Server.
  • The second type of modification relates to putting the backend on the cloud.
    • Conventional MS Access application (non-cloud backend) is developed using bound forms (DAO Connection) and demands a persistent connection with the backend. When the backend is hosted over LAN, a persistent connection can be guaranteed. Whereas when the backend is hosted over the cloud, a persistent connection cannot be guaranteed. To deal with this situation, we need to convert/re-develop forms over unbound architecture (ADO Connection).
    • When the database is hosted over LAN, we can fetch large chunks of data in a single shot, whereas when the database is over WAN, we should limit the amount of data fetching. We should fetch only the data which is required on screen or for any transaction. Hence, we have to modify the forms as desired.

I migrated my SQL database from LAN to the Cloud myself. Why is it too slow now?

  • Regarding the slowness experienced with an online database, we are fully aware of the problem as well as the solution. This situation occurs because the MS Access application is designed with a conventional method using Bound-Forms. Such an application works well when the database is accessible over LAN (or placed on the same machine), as it needs a persistent connection.
  • Since connection persistence cannot be guaranteed when the database (hosted in the cloud) is accessed online (via a WAN network), the user experiences slowness, frequent disconnection, and application crashes.
  • Since the WAN layer architecture is entirely different from LAN, with the database in SQL-Azure, the need (automatic inbuilt database management and caching performed by MS Access) for persistence connection slows down the application data access.
  • The solution for such an issue is to turn the Microsoft Access Application Bound-Forms into Unbound-Forms so that data caching is not auto-performed by Microsoft Access. This work is almost like rewriting the application, and there is no automated method available to convert the application from Bound-Forms to Unbound-Forms, hence it takes a lot of time and money.

Is there a way to automatically convert a Microsoft Access application to support an online database?

  • General applications developed in Microsoft Access cannot support online databases by default if not designed specifically for this purpose. There is no automatic method available to convert a general application to support an online database.
  • The development of general applications in Microsoft Access VBA is much faster as compared to the development of applications supporting databases in the cloud. Since the budget difference is huge in these two approaches, you need to take a decision considering the future prospects and ROI. If you are writing your application from scratch, this is the most important aspect needing serious thought at the first step; else the application may need a complete rewrite when the need arises to convert the local database-based application to an application supporting database hosted in the cloud.

Data Migration, Crawling, Import and Export using Microsoft Access VBA

Moving data from one place to another or from one format to another is something all businesses do on a daily basis to understand data from different perspectives. They also require such activity to perform the exchange of data with different stakeholders or to feed data into third-party applications. Such task is also needed for importing/exporting data to/from CNC Machines for properly automating their processes and their interaction with the software application. For marketing purposes too, businesses need contacts to be automatically crawled from the internet. Though not a core activity but data exchange/extraction, still being an important activity of a business, we have earned expertise in this area.

Hire Microsoft Access VBA Expert 5
  • We have a strong hold on database migration. We have worked on several projects where clients changed their software platform, hence need data to be migrated as per the new data structure.
  • In database migration, we always analyze the data (content + structure) as a whole and consult the client over issues identified so that there is no data loss.
  • All our database migration projects are executed with 100% success, without any loss of data, no failure in script execution, and no data integrity problem in new software.
  • SQL Jobs are required for running timed processes right on the server like Database Backup Process or publishing notifications etc. While moving the database, we also need to make sure if there was any SQL Job running in the SQL Server agent.
  • Ability to process the raw data to prepare refined data so as to generate information about business health. Expertise in transforming the data structure of existing tables to a structure as per reporting requirements.
  • Strong experience in automatic data extraction from websites. Successfully worked on projects responsible for automatically collecting contact information like phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Developed programs to verify the accuracy of email-ids extracted from the internet to see if they exist or not.
  • Integrated APIs to read the Longitude/Latitude of a place based on address. Also integrated API to get road distance based on Longitude/Latitude.
  • Integrated APIs to read current/historic Stock/Share price from the server. Also developed applications to fetch current/historic Currency Exchange rates.
  • Import data from various formats like Excel/CSV/MDB/Plain-Text. Expertise in importing non-formatted data through intelligent approaches.
  • Vast experience in importing data from Excel files. Since excel can have multiple worksheets, one can select the worksheet name to import data from.
  • Developed screens in such a way you will be able to dynamically map the table fields with Excel-Columns and save the map as templates so that changes in excel format can be easily accommodated.
  • Import specified data from excel. Specify if the first row has a column title or not. Specify the start/end row to limit the dataset to be imported.
  • Data integrity check during data import to protect it from the cases like duplicate data import or primary data being missing.
  • Expertise in the extraction of data from CNC machines which usually generates unformatted/raw text files.
  • Expertise in exporting filtered data to various formats like Excel/CSV/MDB/DB-4/Plain-Text.
  • Expertise in exporting data to well-formatted excel files (like the coloring of fields, font setting, etc.) to give excel a great look programmatically.
  • While exporting data, the user can filter the subsets of data based on set filters in the application like date range, product type, geographical region, sales representative, etc.
  • Expertise in the extraction of data from CNC machines which usually generates unformatted/raw text files.

In the context of migration of the database to a new SQL Server, it is not just about moving the database. We need to move the users' accounts too. Though users are available in the database too, the new SQL Server will not allow the creation of server-level users until the pre-existing database users are not dropped. If we drop any database users, all their database roles will also get dropped. So, it will be a whole new work for creating users, granting DB access, and assigning the proper role. Instead, we have created scripts that can automatically restore all users (with their roles) properly. Users those were trusted users (windows active directory users), will have no issue balance, whereas, for non-trusted users (SQL Server Users), the login password will be reset. If you are holding application users in a table (with passwords), then there will not be any such impact.

Upsizing Microsoft Access Database to SQL Server

As the project grows, the need arises to migrate Microsoft Access Database to SQL Server. Though readymade tools are available for this task, to utilize the ultimate performance of SQL Server, there is a need for Microsoft Access and SQL Server Professionals who can set everything in proper shape.

Hire Microsoft Access VBA Expert 8
  • In the context of upgrading the database from Microsoft Access to SQL Server, we use the inbuilt upsizing utility. This utility performs most of the work. Afterward, fixes related to the datatype, and relationships are applied manually.
  • To enhance the application performance, we move queries to stored procedures stored on the server.
  • Move some of the data integrity checks to triggers so that whatever the source of the transaction (different forms/buttons), the business rule remains the same.
  • Develop a login screen for the application in such a way that you will be able to define SQL-Server-Database and user credentials right from the login screen. This way, nothing will be hard-coded and you will be able to point your application to any database server as desired.
  • Allocation of proper user/role permissions to different objects. Develop screens to perform all SQL Server Administration-related tasks right from the front-end application.
  • Alter application to multiple user environments so that multiple users can work simultaneously without breaking other’s data while performing changes on the same set of data.

Handling performance issues with Microsoft Access Application connecting to SQL Server

It’s not just the functionality, but performance too which is an important aspect of any software application designed using Microsoft Access VBA having SQL server as the database server. When an application starts responding slower than human reflexes, it starts frustrating its users as their valuable time gets wasted because of an ill-designed application.

We have worked on several projects struggling with performance-related issues and delivered successful results. Performance tuning is a complex issue and needs spending a fairly good amount of time as there are many factors that can downgrade the application performance and each one’s effect needs to be studied.

Hire Microsoft Access VBA Expert 9
  • Try improving performance by adding missing/needed indexes on SQL Tables.
  • Choose the right datatype without compromising the functionality.
  • Convert local queries into Pass-Through queries so that they prepare the whole data right on the server.
  • Enhance query designs without compromising the end results.
  • Convert local process (having multiple data processing events) into a single large-sized SQL-Stored-Procedure to reduce the data trips.
  • Convert bulky forms (a lot of data spread over tabs) into lighter forms by selectively loading the data of the active tab (and not all the tables) as the active tab's data is the only data useful for the user.

Performance enhancement is such a subject in which we have to be vigilant and look into all the corners (Hardware, Network, Server, and Local Applications). There are some areas in SQL Server that can attribute to the awful performance of applications if not set up properly. Sometimes developers do not architect applications properly and there are many areas that should be taken into account to achieve a good level of performance. Before starting the work, we take an overview of the whole system and the problem areas so that we can prepare some strategies beforehand.

Development of Administrative and Managerial Sections using Microsoft Access VBA

Each organization needs some tools to manage its team and to check the health of the business. To handle such needs, we design screens through which an administrator can keep eye on users and manage their permissions, etc. We also develop screens to check the business health.

Hire Microsoft Access VBA Expert 6
  • Development of a procedure for archiving and retrieval of historic data.
  • Creation of Users in the backend right from the frontend, easy management of their permissions/roles, and resetting their Password.
  • Developing a system to track all important data change events (who changed what and when) and their easy monitoring.
  • Automated/scheduled database backups to local/network drive as well as on the cloud.
  • Develop systems that are self-configurable as well as customizable. Utilize your own programming skills to twist the system.
  • Expertise in the development of an automated alert system that notifies you about important tasks and critical conditions like inventory depletion.
  • Expertise in the development of an automatic notification system to automatically send Emails/SMSes on a preset schedule.
  • Developing dashboards to report various KPIs in the form of Graphs.
  • Creating Calendars and scheduling Holidays. Publishing notifications like Birthday Wishes etc.

File Management (Attaching/Printing/Scanning)

We cannot think of any business without documents as they act as legal proof for any business transaction. The number of documents keeps on increasing as time passes and the business grows, which ultimately turns into a pile of files too hard to manage/search. We provide end-to-end services to manage these documents smartly using Microsoft Access VBA.

Hire Microsoft Access VBA Expert 7
  • Manage/Attach/Access files right from the Application.
  • Dynamic Scanning of Documents/Drawings.
  • MS-Access Attach File
  • Adding Features like Zooming/Rotation while Scanning.
  • Adding Support for Duplex Scanner.
  • Attach a file to the Record ID (like Client/Supplier).
  • On Attach, copy files to a central location
  • Just link files i.e. don't move to a central location.
  • Quick Printing of a bunch of files.
  • Barcode Scanning and Printing.
  • Capturing Web-Camera Output.
  • Find orphan file links and remove them or link them back.