Sample User Interface & Experience

Few of the sample screens for review

A pleasing GUI is everybody's dream. We have tried several GUIs considering them to be pleasing as well as productive. We try to present whole key information on a single screen so that it is easy for decision-making and data entry. We make sure that information should be accessible with the least number of clicks. We even apply operation research techniques so as to have higher productivity. We have developed applications where GUI can be altered on the fly as per user preferences.

We have developed many screens/ways to quickly search the desired records or filter the data based on some given parameters like date range, transaction status, entity active/inactive, amount range, etc. The purpose of such a quick search/filter is to provide desired data (belonging to one category) and show that together on one screen so that further action can be easily performed on such data as printing reports or updating status etc.

Licensing, Dynamic Database Connection, User Login, and Change Password Screens

Dashboard Screens with Dynamic Menus, Notifications Sections, and Custom Ribbons

System Setting, Configurations, Display Management, and Feature/Role Permissions.

Master Data Forms, subsequently act as drop-down data in data-entry forms

Data Entry Forms with inbuild record traversing, filtering, and actions.

Email right from Application.

Document Scanning and Attachment

Interactive Reporting

Filtering Report Data

Import - Export Data

Inventory Management

Plant & Equipment Management

Accounting Right from ERP System