Send Email Using Microsoft Access VBA

Being a professional Microsoft Access VBA Database Application Development Firm, we have extensive experience in developing/incorporating many add-on features in an MS Access-based application, which can escalate your experience as well as business growth, and emailing is one of them.

Everyone knows how important emailing is and what it can do if can be seamlessly integrated into your own application. This way you need not manage contacts or type contacts in Outlook or any emailing tool. Emailing features within your own Access Application will not only save you time, not only increase your productivity but make your communication simply smart.

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  • Automatically send emails through the application
  • Auto-generate email-body text with contextual data
  • Send emails through Outlook or Direct-SMTP/IMAP.
  • Bypassing Outlook Security warning message.
  • Display/Hide Outlook window while sending email.
  • Reading/Moving/Storing Outlook Emails.
  • Reading/Managing Outlook Contacts.
  • Reading inbox using POP3 protocol (Without using Outlook).
  • Deleting emails in inbox (With/Without using Outlook).
  • Marking emails as read/unread (With/Without using Outlook).
  • Freedom to create/store message templates and use them later (Text/HTML Formats).
  • Maintenance of Smart Tags. Parsing of tags on sending SMS.
  • Freedom to set tags at each message template.
  • Automatic reply to emails based on received email content and email sender.

We have expertise in the development of modules responsible for Smart Tag Parsing and thus automatic publishing of DOCs/PDFs which are emailed to clients on the Fly. Using Microsoft Access VBA, we too have published Calendar Events in Outlook.

During the mass publication of emails (especially while running marketing campaigns via emailing), emails do bounce back because of various reasons. We have even modules for the automatic handling of Bounced Emails so that we do not send emails to dead ends again. We have also developed systems for the automated handling of Unsubscribe Requests.

We have expertise in the automatic reading of emails received in Outlook and storing them in a central database for other more sophisticated purposes.

  • Read emails in Outlook and store them in a database. Reading all/specific folders as desired.
  • Read emails when Outlook connects to the exchange server (Performance depends on exchange server connectivity).
  • Configuring the number of contents to be read so that database size does not increase quickly. If we store the whole email content including attachments in the database, the database grows quickly.
  • With Configuration functionality, the user can choose from the options of storing just the email key referring to the message in Outlook that can be opened/read in Outlook by clicking the key.
  • With Configuration functionality, the user can choose options of storing just the Senders, Recipient, Subject, and Limited Body Content (First 500 characters, etc).
  • With Configuration functionality, the user can choose from options of storing the whole email body with attachments.
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Emailing using Outlook

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Emailing by your own MS-Access Application using Outlook is intelligently utilizing the tools and technology provided by Microsoft, instead of reinventing the wheel. This is a feature everyone loves to have in his/her application so that communication with clients, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders is easy and well-managed. This is a feature every business demands, so we have attained expertise in developing this feature. We have developed this feature for almost every client/project, more than 100 projects, and developing it for more than the last 24 years. Apart from just sending emails, we also develop a section for auto/easy selection of contacts for To/CC/BCC parts. We also work on the automatic drafting of the email body and subject after parsing the tags, so that context-sensitive information can be auto-filled. So Emailing using Outlook through an Access application is a part of every application we develop.

Emailing without Outlook

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Though most of the time, inbuilt emailing through Outlook is the default feature of all MS Access-based applications, some client needs more than what Outlook can serve and some do not want to spend money on buying Microsoft Office components at all as they run Access application using Access Runtime. So we are here to cater to your needs. Some smart people want direct interaction with email servers so that email sending is faster or want to perform additional actions directly in the Inbox. So we can directly hook into your POP/IMAP/SMTP servers through our pre-developed API and send an email, receive/download emails from your inbox, delete unwanted emails from your inbox and mark them read/unread as desired. This all can be done in hours as we have a pre-developed API that can do everything related to sending emails without Outlook automatically for you.